Expat Quota Bill: A brief of the Draft

This short write-up on “Expat Quota Bill: The Draft ” is written by Ms. Gayathri Vijayaraghavan studying BBA.LL.B. (Hons) from Sastra University

Draft Expat Quota Bill

  • The main aim behind the introduction of this Bill by the Legal and Legislative Committee of Kuwait is to reduce the number of expats (non-residents of the country).
  • As per the Bill, Indians should not exceed 15% of the total population in Kuwait. As per the statistics, the current population of Kuwait is 4.3 Million out of which 1.3 Million are the natives or citizens of Kuwait.
  • Prime Minister of Kuwait said the number of expats in Kuwait country is 70% and soon it should be reduced to 30% in a manner of gradual reduction as this year the expat community is 70%, next year there may be the reduction of 65% and followed by subsequent years.
  • Kuwait is the country with largest ‘expat population. According to the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, the Indian population contributes 50% of expat population along with other expat countries.
  • Foreigners in Kuwait accounted for major COVID -19 cases, which is considered to be one of the reasons for the enactment of the Bill. The introduction of this Bill may result job loss of nearly 8 Lakhs Indian nationals in that country.
  • If the bill is accepted and passed it will affect major Indian expats and the Kuwait country’s economy and this statement was said by the natives of Kuwait as Indian expats cover the major population in that country.