“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs


We are offering you to work with us for the profile you love.

You love to learn new things?
Join hands with our Research Team.

You love to write?
Express yourself through words with our Editorial Board.

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Be our Campus Ambassador.


Lex Repository provides various elaborate profiles for students to hone their better skills and excel in those traits.

  1. Campus Ambassador :- The Campus Ambassadors are the integral part of Lex Repository as they act as cogs in this machine. As a Campus Ambassador you need to bridge the gap between our website and the audience. You shall promote Lex Repository and its events across your campus and social media platforms. The work may also include basic research for social media posts such as preparing brief of knowledgeable legal content, recent government notifications, etc. If you think that you are best for this designation, then fill this form:


  1. Editorial Board :- The team focuses to provide content on the subjects that are not commonly discussed and to help students in contemplating the gravity of law by write-ups which can also be used as reading material for their curriculum and academic activities.  So, the members of our Editorial are given opportunity to present their view in the form of article which is being published on the website on their respective names. If you are interested in writing articles then you can apply here:


  1. Research Team :- This opportunity is for those who eagerly wants to excel research skills which is one of the most demanding element in the legal profession. Working in this team will make you understand the intricacies of legal provision and its expansion. Being a member of this team you are required to carry out the tasks such as reading and making brief of judgments, research on any conflicting legislation and growing trends of law for the purpose of taking interviews, and much more learning activities. If you think you have skills to be a good researcher, then you can apply here