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Lex Repository is a legal Blog committed to provide Articles based upon legal subjects that covers all the issues associated with them. Moreover, we focus to provide content on the subjects that are not commonly discussed, with the ultimate aim of adding insights to readers and adding novel concepts to their knowledge. We also focus to help the students in contemplating the gravity of law by our write-ups which can also be used as the reading material for their curriculum and better academic understanding. In addition to this, we provide insights into emerging law so that everyone out there to become aware of their rights. We are giving you a chance to get featured on Lex Repository by sharing your views on Medical laws in India.

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India is one of the fastest-growing nations of the World. It spent 1.28% of its GDP on Health Care. Whereas other countries such as the USA spend 125% more than India does.

So, in light of COVID-19 is it possible for India to tackle such a growing pandemic across the nation?

We are sure that many alike questions must also be revolving in your mind. So, why not give those thoughts and opinions the shape of words?

Why sit idle at home when you have the option to make it productive?

In view of the same, Lex Repository is inviting Articles on the theme of ” Medical Laws In India”. The Articles can be based upon any law and concept related to the Medical Profession in India.

Who Can Participate?

There is no restriction to participate so anyone from any course, profession, or school can participate.

Rules of Submission

  1. The Article will be published in the Author’s name.
  2. The Article submitted should not be obscene, controversial or offending in nature.
  3. The format of the Article shall be in the following manner-

Topic- Medical Laws in India

Word Count – 1500 to 2000

Font Style – Times New Roman

Font Size – Heading – 14, Content – 12

Line Spacing – 1.5

Paraphrasing – Justified

  • All references in the Article must conform to the bluebook 19th Edition.
  • Do not use footnotes; instead, add the references at the end.
  • Co-authorship is permitted to a maximum of 2 authors.
  • Authors submitting Article in co-authorship have to write names of both Authors and one
    email ID of either Author in the Form while submission.
  • The name(s) of the author(s), E-mail id, Mobile number and the name of Institution shall be
    mentioned after the title of the article and before the beginning of the main text.
  • The submission must not be previously published or currently under review at any other
    journal/conference/book etc.
  • The submission must be the original work of the author(s) i.e. should not be plagiarized and also should be free from grammatical, spelling and other errors. It must also not contain any defamatory words.
  • Plagiarism is permitted to the maximum extent of 15%. (Less plagiarism will be appreciated)
  • Lex Repository does not provide the certificate of publication to the Author(s) but the same published Article can be mentioned in the CV (either with or without a link).

NOTE: -Certificate of Excellence will be provided to the prominent articles

Last Date of Submission10th May 2020

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