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Any Article submitted for publishing must be in accordance with the guidelines mentioned below:


Any area of law.

Procedure of Submission

  1. The Article has to be submitted on the Submit Article page of the Lex Repository website (

  2. All submissions must be made in .doc format. No pdf format shall be entertained.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The Article will be published in the Author’s name.
  2. The Article submitted should not be obscene, controversial or offending in nature.
  3. The Article submitted should not contain any Author’s personal view; also it should not contain any political comments or anything controversial related to politics.
  4. The format of the Article shall be in the following manner –
    • Word Limit – 1200 – 2000 words

    • Font Style – Times New Roman

    • Font Size – Heading – 14 and Content – 12

    • Line Spacing – 1.5

    • Paraphrasing – Justified

  5. Every Article must contain the list of references at the end of the Article in alphabetical order.
  6. All references in the Article must conform to the bluebook 19th Edition.
  7. Do not use footnotes; instead add the references at the end.
  8. Co-authorship is permitted to a maximum of 2 authors.
  9. Authors submitting Article in co-authorship have to write names of both Authors and one email ID of either Author in the Form while submission.
  10. The name(s) of the author(s), E-mail id, Mobile number and the name of Institution shall be mentioned after the title of the Article and before the beginning of the main text.
  11. The submission must not be previously published or currently under review at any other journal/conference/book etc.
  12. The submission must be the original work of the author(s) i.e. shouldn’t be plagiarized and also should be free from grammatical, spelling and other errors. It must also not contain any defamatory words.
  13. Plagiarism is permitted to the maximum extent of 15%. (Less plagiarism will be appreciated).
  14. Lex Repository does not provide certificate of publication to the Author(s) but the same published Article can be mentioned in the CV (either with or without link).

Publication Charges

The publication is exclusively FREE OF COST.

Rights pertaining to Article

  1. Copyright over the published material shall vest with “Lex Repository”.

  2. Lex Repository retains all the rights to modify, add or amend the Article submitted.

Authors can share their Article or other Articles on their social networking sites to reach the audience. The above mentioned guidelines must be strictly adhered unless modified or permission for any deviation has been granted by the owners of Lex Repository.  Click the link below to submit the form