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About Lex Repository

Lex Repository is committed to providing Articles based upon legal subjects that cover all the issues associated with them. It focuses to provide content on the subjects that are not commonly discussed. The ultimate aim is of adding insights to our readers and adding novel concepts to their knowledge.

Gratitude for Promotion

The Core-Team would like to express gratitude towards our Media Partners and Campus Ambassadors, as they helped us in making this “ONLINE QUIZ COMPETITION ON IPC” successful. They helped us in sharing our event and provide us their valuable time to make this event successful. We further thank our participants for being patient with us and coordinating whenever required. Nevertheless, we express our major gratitude towards the D2C website, as with their help the event became convenient for us as well as for participants.

About Questions

We tried making questions straightforward and less difficult as we have received participants from various age groups, from advocates to first-year students. Another target for questions was to cover almost every topic from the subject Indian Penal Code. We are pleased to announce that we have achieved this target and the winner of the Quiz has scored 40 out of 40.

On-Board Reward

We through Lex Repository provide every average and laborious student an opportunity to develop and sharpen their skills to compete in this fast pace world. Moreover, we believe every hardworking student shall deserve a chance to prove their mettle. This is how an Average can become Attainable.

Therefore, keeping this view in mind we will offer this designation to all the successfully qualified participants through E-mail. Till then, you may have a glance of our current On-Board.


We are proud to announce that Ms. Surbhi Sarwa from Rajasthan University (RU), Jaipur has scored full marks in the Quiz Competition. We congratulate her for this success. All the participants can find their result herein.