Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

– Helen Keller


One such optimistic person who is on a mission to achieve something distinctive is Ms. Tanya Gupta. She is an educator who teaches visually impaired and deaf children. She owns a YouTube channel known as “Brailling“, which helps guardians and teachers of such visually- impaired and deaf children who further assists them in different ways. Moreover, her ambition is to create lifelong learners (future teachers) who can give their best to this noble profession. After observing this eccentric enterprise, various questions may come to your mind. Therefore, Lex Repository has decided to bring her initiative in front of maximum people, so that it can reach the people in need.

  1. What came to your mind when you thought of starting a YouTube channel that will help people to assist children who are visually impaired?

Ans. – When I thought of starting this initiative, my foremost agenda was to create ‘awareness’ in the minds of the people about the ‘special education’ that needs to be furnished to the disabled children across the country. Even in the technological era, there remains a huge void when it comes to the education plan for such children. There is hardly any scheme or plan of action which could cater to the needs and requirements of these differently-abled children. Education is the fundamental right of every child in India as mentioned in the Constitution. The Constitution states that free and compulsory education should be provided to all children in the age group of six to fourteen years irrespective of caste, color, creed, or sex. Similarly, disabled children also have the right to get a basic education. There are certain cases where the parents of such children are unable to afford their education expenses or may lack the knowledge and skill to teach or educate their children by themselves. To bridge the gap, I thought of coming up with such an initiative that could provide as a platform for people to learn about the techniques and strategies that they can be used in guiding their disabled children. The rationale behind this was to bring consciousness among the people about the ‘special education’ that can be delineated to a specially-abled child. There are separate schools for such disabled children who have their means and method to teach these students. However, this gives birth to the notion in the minds of these disabled children that they are different from other children. To consummate such thoughts, all schools in our country need to have seats for such children and assure that they are provided with the appropriate infrastructure and facilities that are required for such children.


  1. What kind of remedies or suggestions would you like to give for changing or introducing legislation for dealing with “Visual Impairment” in general?

Ans. -Legally, I cannot say much but there are some basic principles which, if adopted, can bring massive changes in our community. Proper training along with relevant counseling is required for the parents, relatives, and friends of the disabled children so that they can help, support, and motivate such children in learning the daily activities of life and make them independent as much as possible. Along with this, a proper learning environment is also essential for the personal, academic, and professional development of such children.

  1. In what way, do you think that starting a youtube channel, can help the public at large, for the cause you are fighting for?

Ans. – During this global pandemic, all classes have been shifted online and it has been running successfully. However, visually-impaired or deaf children are unable to take advantage of this new model of education. There are certain issues that disabled children have to deal with which include – autism, hearing problems, ADHD, learning disabilities, etc. Due to these issues, they are not able to take advantage of the online mode of education. A mentor is needed to impart such knowledge to them. My YouTube channel may not help directly teach such students but the parents, guardians, or teachers of these students may get an idea as to how to render knowledge to their children. In many cases, it has been witnessed that parents consider their disabled children to be a liability because they fail to do their basic activities. Through my platform, I want to make every special child perform their basic day to day activities in such a manner that they become independent and do not remain as a burden on anyone.

  1. There is very little awareness of the teaching course you pursued in society. Would you like to aware of people of this course through our channel, so that youth can opt for this as their career?

Ans. It shall be my pleasure to inform people at large about this. The more people know and join hands in executing this noble work, the better place the world shall become to live. RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) is such a platform that provides opportunities to study various courses related to the needs and requirements of ‘special children’. The various courses offered by them are listed on the official website of RCI. For further queries, one may also contact me for any information related to the course. I would be glad to help them out and together we can and we will.


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