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The Reason behind our drive to Excel and Produce content for our Readers

When you are sad, you either tell people about it or simply pretend to be normal. Something like this was happening with her. Rayna is an ordinary student who belongs to a middle-class family. Her family was providing her all the resources they could, to make her something out of ordinary. She too was working extremely hard and was fighting her battles to be recognized. However, the available opportunities were only privy to the extraordinary students. Everybody wanted a perfect candidate, much like in life, nobody wanted to offer an opportunity to the imperfect ones, the underdog.

Her concern to be recognized in the competitive and swiftly growing world grew into depression. At this time, she met one of her Mentors who used to help students to grow. He asked her the reason for her sadness. Rayna, at that time, confided to him that she had done every possible thing to at least grab a single opportunity but failed. He promised to provide an opportunity and asked her to observe successful people around her.

She pointed out something common among perfect and successful people that whatever they speak, no matter they were wrong or right, they do it with great confidence. Then, she introspected herself and realized that she always spoke with fear of being wrong. She shared this to her Mentor; he smirked and eventually guided her that only hard work cannot make you successful. There are certain things one needs to focus on, such as knowledge, confidence, presentation, skills, expertise, etc. to be successful. She followed the instructions of her Mentor and tried hard to ripen those abilities. Finally, the Mentor offered her a chance as promised her efforts became fruitful when she grabbed the opportunity and proved herself. What made her efforts futile was the lack of skills.

What we can perceive from the story of Rayna is success doesn’t come with only one thing. Working hard in grasping knowledge does not work until and unless you can express it effectively to others. This is how Rayna proved that an industrious student only needs an appropriate direction to overcome her/his deficiencies/flaws.

We through Lex Repository provide a platform for students to provide every average and laborious student an opportunity to develop and sharpen their skills to compete in this fast pace world. We are committed to providing a platform to advance legal knowledge through articles. Our Articles on legal subjects cover all the issues associated with the legal arena. Moreover, we focus to provide content on the subjects that are not commonly discussed with the ultimate aim of adding insights to readers and adding novel concepts to their knowledge.

We further focus on helping the students in contemplating the gravity of law by our write-ups which can also be used as the reading material for their curriculum and better academic understanding. In addition to this, we provide a platform in the form of competitions for every law aspirant to prove themselves as we believe that every ordinary student deserves a chance to prove their mettle. This is how an Average can become Attainable.

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